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International Association of Clerks, Recorders,
Election Officials and Treasurers.
January, 2007
North Carolina

January, 2007

We had a great weekend in NC at the meeting! Ive contacted folks we had direct contact with at the meeting who expressed interest in obtaining copies of BTP and gave them a link to our site. There were a variety of ideas, including showing it to Democratic and Republican county chairmen and state legislators, and I look forward to following up with them to see if we can help or replicate their successes.

Tony Sirvello, the IACREOT Exec Dir, said he was really pleased with how well the movie was received. He thought the membership was actually more excited by it than hed  anticipated and that it was still a topic of conversation 2 days afterwards. Hes not sure if a screening can be incorporated into the summer meeting, but he said maybe we could get a booth at the summer fair where election device vendors are set up and run the movie in a loop, offering the movie (and I thought by then well have our specific, targeted plan in place and we can market it with the 700 or so IACREOT members in attendance!). He also said he was considering whether IACREOT could run the trailer on their site (to tease folks into wanting to watch the movie and use it in their locations) with a link to our site to obtain the movie. I am looking forward to maintaining the relationship weve developed with Tony.

Dick Smolka was also supportive and said hes contacting NASS and NASED to recommend BTP to their membership and for inclusion in their upcoming conferences. And he anticipates writing about the movie (including information on where to obtain the movie) and will provide me with a copy of whatever he writes

Take a look at the Quick Start Poll Worker guide the EAC released recently: 
Quick Start Poll Worker Guide
An exhaustive 250 page (or so) poll worker guide with lessons learned, posters and ads that were successful, guidance for small and large election areas, etc is scheduled to be released by the EAC within a month or so Ill let you know when. I understand from my discussions with the senior director of programs for IFES (International Foundation for Election Systems which was given the grant to develop the guide) that it will include many local success stories we can build upon as well as guidance as to which states allow high school aged people to perform as poll workers, etc. Id been looking for some infrastructure to build our program on and/or guidance on what organizations have been doing successfully or what areas needed attention: the soon-to-be-released guide sounds like the resource we needed.

So I expect to continue working to gain knowledge and contacting folks working in these fields, and to use the release of the poll worker guide to drive / crystallize our plan to do something constructive (providing resources to high schools and election offices to get high school kids involved, to get corporations to change their corporate policy and encourage employees to volunteer as poll workers, etc).

Bo Ranney, National Strategic Coordinator

Photo 1: Bo Ranney - BTP National Strategic Coordinator, Liza Politi - BTP Producer, Malindi Fickle - BTP Producer/Director, Kris Lienert - BTP Director of Photography/Editor
Photo 2: Doris Anne Saddler, Paul DeGregorio - Chairman of the Election Assistance, Rockne Clarke - President of IACREOT and Bo Ranney
Photo 3: Doris Anne Saddler, Rockne Clarke - President of IACREOT, Dick Smolka - Editor of Election Administration Reports and Bo Ranney
Photo 4: Connie Joiner - Education Chair of IACREOT with Bo Ranney & Malindi Fickle

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