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Jackson Hole Film Festival
June 2006

BY THE PEOPLE, a new behind-the-scenes documentary that exposes who and what it really takes to put on an American election, had its world premiere at the Jackson Hole Film Festival.  Ahead of the festival, BY THE PEOPLE was selected as one of the top five finalists that competed in the Best Documentary category.

One festival reviewer wrote:
“BY THE PEOPLE is a terrific and incredibly important film.  Beautifully made and full of fascinating characters, the director unmasks the unbelievably complex and challenging process of putting on an election.  Every American should see this film and it should be required viewing for every high school and college student.  Congratulations to this wonderful new director.”


Malindi and Liza at the museum party

Liza, Marian, Doris Anne, Malindi,
Kris and Jenn

Malindi being interviewed by ABC TV

Kris & Malindi

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