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  Poll Worker Outreach Effort

NYC Board of elections executive director John Ravitz and “By the People” director Malindi Fickle to announce a unique poll worker outreach effort.

(from left to right)
Liza Politi, Producer "By The People"
Malindi Fickle, Producer/Director "By The People"
John Ravitz, NYC Board of Elections Executive Director

On Tuesday, July 25, New York City Board of Elections Executive Director John Ravitz and Malindi Fickle, New Yorker and Director of the new documentary film "By the People" will announce a unique poll worker outreach effort during the film's NYC theatrical run at Village
Cinema East, Tuesday, July 28-Thursday, August 3.

By The People will air this October on PBS stations nationwide and explores the process-- not the politics-- behind American elections. The film highlights the challenges facing election officials across the country, and reveals a fragile elections process that is often taken for granted. Following the New York release, the film will be seen in communities across the country including Austin, Boston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Portland, Sag Harbor, San Francisco, and Washington DC. The filmmakers will outreach to the Board of Elections in each with the goal of replicating the NYC outreach.

Like the election officials profiled in the film, the NYC Board of Elections is using new and innovative ways to encourage New Yorkers to get involved as poll workers and interpreters during the upcoming November elections.

We would like to invite you to attend the press conference on Tuesday, July 25 at 11:00am, to give you information on how they can get a first look at "By the People" and how they can get involved at the polls on Election Day. A brief preview of "By the People" will be shown, and a limited number of copies of the film will be distributed for review.

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