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By the People

Release Date: 07/28/06
Starring: Doris Anne Sadler, David Woo, Robert Vane, Wendy Orange, Valerie Hurd Washington

Director: Malindi Fickle
Rating: (NR)
An American election is, basically, hundreds of tiny local ones, each run by different people with their own rules and problems. Malindi Fickle’s remarkable vérité documentary focuses on one—Marion County, Indiana—and follows the can-do county clerk and her small coterie of employees as they prepare for Election Day 2004. Don’t expect fireworks, but the results are mesmerizing.

"By the People" is an intimate look at who and what it takes to put on an American election. The behind-the-scenes documentary follows average Americans as they race to get the polls open on Election Day. After witnessing their struggle to uphold the most basic aspect of democracy, you will never again take your right to vote for granted.

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